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At your request, Acorn Stairlifts will be pleased to send a FREE INFORMATION KIT out to you immediately.

Once you have reviewed your materials, in Acorn Service Areas only, you may wish to set up an appointment for a FREE SURVEY, during which time we will assess and measure your staircase and answer any questions you may have - all at a time convenient for you. Acorn surveys are carried out by qualified engineers so customers enjoy the benefit of technical competence. It also means that tough questions can be answered on the spot by someone who really knows. And, at the end of your meeting, you will be given a written quote - ALL FREE AND WITH NO OBLIGATION.

However, if you have an immediate need, you can schedule your FREE SURVEY right away.

Acorn Stairlifts has a genuine concern for the health and safety of all of our customers and take great pride in the superior quality, safety and innovation of their stairlifts. Acorn simply wants to provide information about the benefits of the Acorn Stair lift, how it can improve the quality of your life and help you regain your freedom and independence. Then it will be up to you - in your own time - to decide whether a stairlift is right for you.


Once you have decided to make your life easier with an Acorn Stairlift, Acorn will be there to help you every step of the way. Just tell Acorn when you need your stairlift.  A fully trained and certified Acorn specialist will take care of everything for you ... from placing your order to delivery and installation ... and all at a time convenient for you!

What separates Acorn Stairlifts from its competitors is that everyone who purchases an Acorn Stairlift from Acorn Stairlifts directly becomes part of the Acorn Stairlifts Family. This is apparent from the first contact, to the first experience riding the # 1 selling stair lift in the world and beyond. Acorn prides itself on being available every step of the way.

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Acorn Stairlifts is officially the first stairlift
company to earn the prestigious
Ease-of-Use Commendation from the
Arthritis Foundation.
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Call Best Stairlifts USA for Your FREE NO-OBLIGATION

Easy as 1-2-3 Call for Your Free No-Obligation Quote and Consultation 800-259-0370