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Acorn Stairlifts Model 120 Superglide Stairlift for Straight Staircases
The ACORN 120 Superglide Straight Stair Lift is the standard by which other stair lifts are judged.
Acorn Stairlifts Model 180 for Curved Stairlifts
ACORN 180 Curved Stair Lifts are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards in Safety, Comfort and Reliability.
Accessibility for Everyone
Stairlifts provide the freedom to move up and down your stairway without the pain and worry many of us experience when climbing stairs. A stairlift can allow you to stay in the home you love.

Acorn understands the difficulties that reduced mobility can bring, and so have designed and built their own state-of-the-art stairlifts, manufactured to the highest standards and exceeding most of them. They display the very best in
safety and engineering and are attractively designed to fit gracefully onto almost any staircase

Known for their smooth, whisper-quiet ride, Acorn's superior stairlifts are completely safe, reliable, comfortable,  easy to use, and are helping people regain their freedom and independence each and every day.

Acorn's product and customer satisfaction is a standing testament to its dedication in providing the best in stair lift technology. To this day, it remains at the forefront of stairlift technology.